Looking for both Adults and
11th-12th grade students to
serve as mentors

Looking to be a 1:1 mentor or part of a Team that supports a small group of students?


Interested in being a mentor?

We have a training program developed by experienced mentors and certified coaches that provides guidance and structure for how to use your experience and positive energy to

help students looking for support and encouragement

Being a Mentor

7th-12th grade students from the South Lakes and Herndon High School pyramids can sign up for a mentor to meet in person, socially distanced, for 45 minutes every other week at an outdoor covered location in Reston or Herndon. Mentors can help students on a range of topics, including academic encouragement, extra-curricular interests, and planning for the different options available after high school.

Mentor Training 

We have a training program developed by experienced mentors and certified coaches that provides guidance and structure for how to use your experience and positive energy to

help students looking for support and encouragement. Mentors must complete an initial training workshop prior to starting. There are also monthly workshops with other mentors to learn about the mentoring 'topic of the month'. There are in-person and online training options.

Background Checks

All adult mentors go through a background check. Mentors pay a $19 fee directly to Sterling cover the cost after registration for the program, Fee waivers are available for mentors who need it.

2 Options: 1:1 or Small Group

1:1 Option: 1 student is matched with 1 mentor, either an adult mentor or an 11th or 12th grade student mentor.


Small Group Option: 5-8 students are grouped together and matched with a 2-3 person mentor team, comprised of a lead mentor and multiple additional mentors. 


Mentors can indicate a preference  for one of these options or a willingness to do pre when signing up.

Mentors are matched with mentees by Yuniverse Mentoring Program managers according to their preferences - as well as common interests shared in the sign up form.

2 options: In-person or Online

While the mentor program was initially established to provide in-person support for students who are struggling with virtual learning, the program has been expanded to include both in-person and online mentoring relationships. Students indicating a preference for online mentors can choose that option at registration.


Mentors can indicated a preference for in-person, online or a willingness to do either when signing up.

Bi-weekly Meeting with mentee

Mentors meet every other week for 45 minutes with their mentor - 60 minutes for small group mentor meet-ups - at one of the outdoor pavilions reserved by the program at an agreed time. Mentors can use the standard agenda structure and question guide received in training to facilitate the session. Students can bring their school laptops to review their grade book or have access to online resources related to extra-curricular interests or post-high school planning. The program will provide mobile hotspots for internet access.

Off-week 15 minute Phone call

For weeks in between the main bi-weekly meeting, mentors schedule a 15 minute check in call or FaceTime session with their mentee. The goal is to keep the lines of communication open in a way that help students have regular access to mentor support.

Guest Speaker Series

The guest speaker series provides a diverse set of guest speakers to enrich the experience for mentees and help see others who have had success on their journey. Mentors can participate in the guest speaker series as well, so they can weave it into discussions with their mentees.