Yuniverse Mentoring Program

This mentoring program founded by Yuniverse Foundation, is built to help students in middle school or high school. Sessions will be held in an outdoor environment until further notice. At Yuniverse Foundation our team is extremely excited to meet and motivate others!

2021 "Yuniverse + Camp"

Originally intended to be a basketball camp last summer, we decided to completely pivot it into a multiple week on going summer camp program. The camp agenda will cover project based learning, life principles, outdoor activities, field trips, and so much more.

The Yuniverse

The Yuniverse is more than just a foundation. There are multiple branches of Yuniverse where we focus on ideas that benefit the producer and the consumer. We utilize the model of having multiple branches to help people clarify the difference between which projects of ours are For-Profit and which are Non-Profit. Whether or not they are, our vision remains the same and we work to meet all our goals in order to serve the greater good.